Boost your book sales & make more money as an author .

Tired of time consuming marketing tactics that do not bring consistent sales or profit? 

Frustrated about not being able to grow beyond your current success? 

Jeanty Digital will help you turn things around in the next 90 days. 


Jeanty Digital is a Facebook & Instagram ad agency dedicated to helping authors see success selling their books in a way that gives them more control, more money, more profit, more time, and even more freedom

What’s unique about Jeanty Digital is that unlike most marketing agencies, we’ve invested millions in ads ourselves, we’ve succeeded in every aspect of the book business using FB & IG, and we are led by founder Pierre Jeanty whose success speaks for itself. We are not just a marketing agency, we are a team of authors, mentors, and business owners. Our focus is to do our part, but also to help our clients in doing their part to see the success they’ve always dreamed.




With over 8 years of experience and numerous proven systems, our marketing strategies are tailor made for every author we work with. 


We do not just create profitable ads, but we stay on top of your campaign. With your profit as our focus, our eyes are fixated daily on your goals, constant updates, and much more. 


We do not solely run your ads, we also help you fill in the gaps we recognize in your business. We aren’t here just to help you generate sales, but to grow a profitable book business to its full potential. 


What’s better than seeing your sales grow while not having to figure out all the latest tactics or keep up with the countless updates affecting your growth? Jeanty Digital helps clients worry less about sales and spend more time doing what they ought to be doing – writing & enjoying the fruits of their labor.


1) You must read our “7 Figure Book Business Blueprint” - We do not just send traffic to landing pages or Amazon. We focus on running ads that are trackable, optimized, and give you consistent data to help you scale your business. We cannot do that unless you see the shift that is happening in the book business and what it takes. Reading our book or going through the free video training it comes with is non-negotiable in working with us. 

2) Have the right mindset - You must be willing to let go of control over your advertising and be able to trust us. We are a team of experts who genuinely want to focus on getting you results, rather than convincing you of our tactics. However, we can only work with those who give us room to do what we do best with no interruptions. 

3) See the value - In order for you to invest, you must see the value in it yourself and what we are going to bring. Making our book mandatory is for our potential clients to see what we bring to the table, and to determine if it can help and change their business. We focus on you getting a feel for why we are a fit before we see if you fit. 

4) Schedule a call with Pierre - As the founder, Pierre realizes that helping clients grow their book business takes more than just running their ads. The partnership has to flow, trust has to be established, and transparency is much needed. We put intentional focus on getting a chance to know our potential clients before we say yes.

You must be prequalified.

Jeanty Digital was built with a foundation different from many agencies. We do not help authors sell books, we help them build and scale their book business. One way we make sure authors are building a book business in a way that we can help them is to make sure they understand our blueprint.



(You must read the book prior to doing so.)