Leave the marketing to the experts.

Jeanty Digital has been helping authors consistently sell more books since 2019. Founded by author/poet Pierre Jeanty, Jeanty Digital focuses on replicating Pierre’s success with other authors in a unique way.

We not only set authors up to become their own Amazon, but we take on an active teaching role. Whether it comes to selling on their own store or collecting customer data to build real relationship with readers and not just gain followers, we empower authors to see and earn more in order to reach their dream of becoming full-time authors, or full-time authors with more freedom. 

If you are looking to understand how to scale your book business beyond what you’ve achieved yourself or interested in making a direct sales model work for you, Jeanty Digital can help you achieve that. 

Our team is not only trained, but posses real life experiences. We understand your pain, your frustration, your worries, and we are here to help you grow beyond them.

You must be prequalified.

Jeanty Digital was built with a foundation different from many agencies. We do not help authors sell books, we help them build and scale their book business. One way we make sure authors are building a book business in a way that we can help them is to make sure they understand our blueprint.