Led by an author who is actively selling and pivoting in the book and marketing industry, Jeanty Digital offers media-buying needs along with branding and growth consultation for authors. Our experience goes beyond bookselling and media-buying which means you are in hands that will propel your branding, your presence, and scale your overall business. 

We offer a monthly subscription service that covers all of your advertising needs

Strategy Building & Facebook Set up

  All things technical to get your business manager set up and integrated with your e-commerce platform (preferably Shopify).We build out tailor-made strategies that will reach more people and convert more buyers. This also includes scaling strategy as we fine tune our marketing plan for your books. 

Campaign Creation & Management

Our creative team will create high-converting graphics/advertisements to appeal to your potential reader. We don’t just let your ads run, we stay on top of them actively making effort to improve your campaigns. As we manage your ads, we also scale them, actively pushing toward growth. 

Consultation & Coaching

Paired up with your marketing services are monthly calls (if necessary) to discuss ways to keep improving your results, from growth hacks to yield more profit to email marketing strategies for more growth. All ways for your business to see more profit and continued growth. 

Fulfillment Services (Additional)

Our warehouse is open to authors who are actively growing. We connect seamlessly
with your online store and handle the fulfillment of your book and merchandise orders
with speed and efficiency.

You must be prequalified.

Jeanty Digital was built with a foundation different from many agencies. We do not help authors sell books, we help them build and scale their book business. One way we make sure authors are building a book business in a way that we can help them is to make sure they understand our blueprint.



(You must read the book prior to doing so.)